Learn Spanish with Iterario

Learning Spanish in Iterario? It is more than one course. It is a life told in classes! With vocabulary, sentences, conversation, exercises and teacher’s aid at any day, any time and anywhere. Listening, speaking, reading, writing are the topics used in this way. What we have to do? Just listen to the vocabulary, pay attention to the writing, repeat and do the exercises. Then you can listen again and repeat the procedure. Five minutes every day makes a difference. By clicking on the link to the "conversation" you can hear a dialogue in Spanish. It is very simple. Teachers Marcelo and Edgardo tell a story of themselves. Remember that this time, if you do not understand all the audio, do not worry, just focus on the general sense. If you still are questions, gives the benefits of obtaining the PREMIUM SIGNATURE. Knowing Spanish is important in today’s globalized world! Knowing the countries that speak spanish diminish the distance and improves the quality of life of our peoples. Studying Spanish with ITERARIO is the most modern technology and new methodology of teaching languages. Worldwide, only the United States produce this methodology for teaching languages of the American population.

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